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Intellectual Property

Field of Law
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Intellectual property issues concern your legal position as the owner of intellectual creations, e.g. your rights as a software manufacturer, web designer or owner of a website. Registered symbols (e.g. trademarks) as well as non-registered designations (e.g. domains) enjoy legal protection.

In our modern age of communication, infringements are no longer limited to traditional channels of information (e.g. print media). New media and the Internet continuously witness the emergence of ever-new forms of creative services. At the same time, this process permanently exposes the created values to new threats and dangers. WIEMANN Law Firm actively supports you in enforcing your rights against third parties as well as in defending your written warnings or injunctions, if need be in court.

Our core areas of advice are:

  • Copyright and related intellectual property rights, e.g. rights of producers of audio recordings or database manufacturers
  • Trademark law, including trademark registrations
  • Protection of commercial designations and trade names, including domains
  • Design law
  • Patents and utility models
  • Review and drawing up of contracts, including general terms and conditions (GTCs)

The enforcement of IP-based claims usually requires quick action. WIEMANN Law Firm will therefore take immediate action on your behalf.