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Fields of Law

WIEMANN Law Firm offers you the support you need in order to enforce your legitimate interests. You benefit from our services not only in court, but also via in-depth advice and representation in the pre-litigation phase. Timely and comprehensive legal advice can help to avoid later litigation, effectively reducing your actual costs.

In particular, WIEMANN Law Firm offers you the following services in German, English and (after prior consultation) French:

  • Legal support for companies and legal advice for private individuals
  • Legal advice for management boards and corporate departments including sales, project management or purchasing
  • Legal project support for IT, new media and Internet related issues
  • Drawing up and legal review of agreements and general terms and conditions (GTCs)
  • Support of contract negotiations with customers or cooperation partners
  • In-house trainings for companies
  • Legal representation in and out of court
  • Representation of interests in the context of warning letters and interim injunctions (einstweilige Verfügung).
  • External legal department services


The clients of WIEMANN Law Firm include national and international IT, new media and e-commerce companies as well as IT users and private individuals.

This includes in particular:

  • Software manufacturers and distributors
  • Distribution partners
  • Programmers
  • Computing centres
  • Commercial users of IT products (e.g. pharmacies)
  • Web designers
  • Service providers
  • Website operators
  • Photographers
  • Authors


Before accepting a mandate, we provide a detailed cost projection. If you have legal insurance, we file your case with your insurance company and obtain the relevant confirmation of cover.

Initial consultation:
If you are not sure whether your case is worth mandating an attorney, or if you have general legal questions, we generally recommend an initial consultation session. After you describe your legal issue, we can provide advice and/or information. We advise you on possible further steps and give transparent information on potential costs. Initial consultation sessions normally do not take longer than one hour, and the related costs are capped for consumers. Depending on the individual case and agreement, initial consultation fees may also be offset against later fees.

If mandated, we calculate legal fees based on appropriate hourly rates or based on the German Lawyer’s Compensation Act (RVG), depending on the individual case and agreement. If based on RVG, legal fees depend on the respective value in dispute, meaning the assessed value of the disputed matter (e.g. the sought payment amount in an action for payment). Flat fees can also be arranged.