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Competition Law

Field of Law
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One central field of competition law concerns the rules of fair competition between companies. These rules aim to protect competitors, consumers and the public from a distortion of competition. For example, they prohibit misleading advertising and false statements.

This field of law is mainly based on the German Act Against Unfair Competition (Gesetz gegen den unlauteren Wettbewerb, UWG). Competition law is a very complex matter and subject to constant changes due to a strong influence of European law and numerous court rulings. Against this backdrop, it makes sense to ensure early legal protection for advertising efforts or websites. However, when contesting for customers, your competitors are also legally bound to act in a fair manner and to respect market regulations. WIEMANN Law Firm provides pre-emptive advice regarding your own advertising and marketing activities as well as support with regard to enforcing or defending your claims against competitors.

In the field of competition law, we focus on:

  • Legal review of company or product related advertising
  • Consulting services regarding the implementation of advertising efforts, including websites
  • Drawing up of agreements, including general terms and conditions (GTCs) for specific forms of advertising and business models
  • Legal services regarding online marketing, e-mail advertising and telemarketing
  • Issuance of warning letters against illegal activities by competitors or legal defense against claims put forward by competitors
  • Legal representation in competition law matters, in particular concerning interim injunctions (einstweilige Verfügung).

The enforcement of competition law related claims usually requires quick action. WIEMANN Law Firm will therefore take immediate action on your behalf.